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NCache Category Change

Is Ncache still considered a module?, is more accurate to categorize it as a patch or a derivative program now? --Tuqui 11:01, 13 March 2009 (UTC)

JavaScript Module

Hi, Dndx. What kind of mistake was found in js module description. Please, explain before deletion.

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Beijing time on December 21, Walker at home with 114:81 beat the rockets, ending losing streak. The winner, Paul George, played 30 minutes, while shooting 16 7 is not too high, but he cut off 24 points, 9 rebounds and 4 assists 3 steals 1 blocks, under his care, hardens completely lost.

After consecutive loss to the Pistons and Miami Heat, George psychological nature of sorts. Especially exterminating missed the game against the heat, even if he had complaints that the ball was foul after the game, but the outcome is inevitable. Encounter first-game losing streak of the season, as the team leader, George needs to step up and make the.

So hardens into the tragedy of man, George, the greatest change was put through in the defensive end. Height, arm length, shipped power good, big George is completely sealed, first hardens, defensive hardens when George simply hardens bad dream. This harden match 14 shooting, ankles will still be without a thorough, this field is severely beaten by George.

Career in the game against the Pacers, only one shooting more than 40% last season as a team leader, two add up to five for 43 in the hit rate of less than 25%, harden can only sigh, ran into dread.

We've seen eat harden, George, the result is too fragmented to be refereed walks, hardens a shot off in the second half, George was still hanging out off the ball under attack. Section III ends, hardens fast break layup and giant bone of the spirit of God by George fan, CCTV commentator Yang Jian joked: "George throughout the rest of the fun is that you can break a few times. ”

Defense Force, offensive end, George is also doing my part this season his scoring average 14.6 points in the second half, scoring in the second half of the League. The rockets feel thoroughly, first half of his 8 shots in only 2 second-half resurrection instantly full of blood. This time he gonged 15 consecutive points in the second half, and breakthrough hit consecutive Trey. Section III, last 5 minutes left, after George steals the dragon to counter the finish exciting storm buckle, are rotated 180 ° in the air with the whole, completely ignited the home crowd's morale. He and team-mates with the passion and strong chest, completely beat the rockets. Single cut, 12 2 steals 1 blocks, and help the team to victory.

To force excitation intensity, at least in front of the Pacers, rockets were not enough. Superstar dialogue, George victory hardens.