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Comeback that sent Granger Warcraft caps to its former boss, two fans rose to applaud

Phoenix sports after 66 days of waiting, the team even if he only got 5 minutes, but he came on and off twice won the home crowd after a standing ovation, Granger to enjoy such treatment.

Match only last 2 minutes 28 seconds, Walker's request for the suspension, Walker had 30 points ahead, at this time, victory has no suspense. Due to protection concerns, Granger was substituted and saw former boss to the bench, Walker's home crowd all standing applause for consideration by Granger. Now the team's boss, George, and Granger affectionate embrace, even if it is no longer the leader, but Granger still remember Walker's rise is an important player.

Truce days, Walker does not sink, instead of configuring a more rational, and now has become a champion of the most popular. George sit the team, the team has been strengthening the core, yifenyi worth of contracts were signed. But Granger not complaining, he worked hard to try to fit in the team that seems strange.

Remember a few years ago in China, young, when he and melon, Puma, because he was cursing the referee, two technical fouls is ejected. This is the boss of the despot, but honed over time, and Granger have now accepted the reality.

First and last 4 minutes, 05 seconds, he replaced Stevenson appearances, home fans with a standing ovation on the way to meet him. Just got to the basket, he's on defense to give Howard a hard hat, the home crowd into a boil. Breakthrough made a foul in the second quarter, shrugging his score, the winner was his only highlight.

Danny Granger suffered injuries last season due to knee injury, Granger only played 5 games. Jay preseason Grand this season he returned, however, hit just 32%. But tragedy on October 16 against Dallas in the preseason, Granger left calf strain since the truce. Just to be sure, he postponed a week back.

In the game, CCTV commentator for the analysis of the status quo on the line Granger: "now Granger is now 30 years old, set, which is to adapt to the team. "Yang Yi said, jealous of George? Don't forget, he was highly recommended and Walker play George this is a rough. Now he has become a role player, as long as his heart is still in Indiana, became the team's leader, never the bench below.