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Extended status module

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Nginx extended_status module

-- Decription -- This module is a extended module for Nginx status.

  • Note: this module is not distributed with the Nginx source.
      Installation instructions can be found below.*

-- How to build and install -- Before compile, please apply patch to Nginx core according to the part of "How to patch Nginx core" ./configure --add-module=[nginx_extended_status_module source dirctory] make make install

-- How to configure this module --



 syntax: extended_status on|off;
 default: off
 context: http, server, location


   location = /extended_status {
       extended_status on;
   location = /tablesort.min.js {
       root html;

-- How to patch Nginx core -- For Nginx 0.8.54 (or 0.8.55), patch -p0 < extended_status-0.8.54.patch

For Nginx 1.0.11, patch -p0 < extended_status-1.0.11.patch