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  • gzip module requires zlib library
  • rewrite module requires pcre library
  • ssl support requires openssl library


Go to the Main Install Page of this wiki to download Nginx. Alternatively, here is a link to the English download page and the original Russian download page .


After extracting the source, run these commands from a terminal:

sudo make install

By default, Nginx will be installed in /usr/local/nginx. You may change this and other options with the compile-time options .

Platform-specific Notes and Builds

  1. Notes on building Nginx on Ubuntu
  2. Ubuntu Easy installer script with PHP support and MySQL
  3. Installing Nginx on Fedora, RHEL or CentOS
  4. How to get the latest Nginx on Gentoo
  5. x86/64 build for Solaris
  6. How to Compile nginx on MacOSX
  7. Nginx building script for Slackware
  8. Nginx for Windows (32-bit); development, stable, and legacy binaries available

Running Nginx

Start the server by running /usr/local/nginx/sbin/nginx as root. After editing the configuration file at /usr/local/nginx/conf/nginx.conf to your liking, you can reload the configuration with:

  kill -HUP `cat /usr/local/nginx/logs/nginx.pid`

The location of nginx.pid might be different on your machine. For Ubuntu, it is located at:


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