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= References =
= References =
[http://sysoev.ru/nginx/docs/http/ngx_http_sub_module.html Original Documentation]
[http://nginx.org/en/docs/http/ngx_http_sub_module.html Original Documentation]

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This module can search and replace text in the nginx response. It is only available if the

--with-http_sub_module option

was specified for ./configure.


location / {
  sub_filter      </head>
  '</head><script language="javascript" src="$script"></script>';
  sub_filter_once on;



syntax: sub_filter text substitution

default: none

context: http, server, location

sub_filter allows replacing some text in the nginx response with some other text, independently of the source of the data. The matching is case-insensitive. Substitution text may contain variables. Only one substitution rule per location is supported.


syntax: sub_filter_once on|off

default: sub_filter_once on

context: http, server, location

sub_filter_once off allows to search and replace all matching lines, the default is replacing only the first one.


syntax: sub_filter_types mime-type [mime-type ...]

default: sub_filter_types text/html

context: http, server, location

sub_filter_types is used to specify which content types should be checked for sub_filter. The default is only text/html.


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