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The module ngx_http_userid_module hands out cookies which are used for the purposes of identifying clients upon subsequent requests. For logging it is possible to use variables $uid_got and $uid_set.

Remark: keep in mind variables $uid_got and $uid_set are not accessible in SSI, because the SSI filter module's processing occurs earlier in the chain than the userid filter.

This module is compatible with mod_uid for Apache.


userid          on;
userid_name     uid;
userid_domain   example.com;
userid_path     /;
userid_expires  365d;
userid_p3p      'policyref="/w3c/p3p.xml", CP="CUR ADM OUR NOR STA NID"';



syntax: userid [on|v1|log||off]

default: userid off

context: http, server, location

Enables or disables issuing cookies and logging requested cookies:

  • on - enables version 2 cookies and logs them;
  • v1 - enables version 1 cookies and logs them;
  • log - do not send cookies, but write down incoming cookies to log;
  • off - do not send cookies, and don't write them to logs;


syntax: userid_domain [ name | none ]

default: userid_domain none

context: http, server, location

Assigns the domain for cookie. The parameter "none" doesn't issue domain for cookie.


syntax: userid_expires [ time | max ]

default: none

context: http, server, location

Sets the expiration time for the cookie.

The parameter set & send-out browser expiration time for cookie. Value "max" assigns the time on 31 December, 2037, 23:55:55 gmt. This is the maximum time that older browsers understand.


syntax: userid_name name

default: userid_name uid

context: http, server, location

Assigns name to cookie.


syntax: userid_p3p line

default: none

context: http, server, location

Directive assigns value for the header P3P, which will sent together with cookie.


syntax: userid_path path

default: userid_path /

context: http, server, location

Sets the cookie path.


syntax: userid_service number

default: userid_service address

context: http, server, location

Directive assigns the IP address of the server which gave out cookie. If not set, version 1 cookies set to zero, and for version 2 cookies the IP address of server.


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