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The majority of IRC currently takes place in #nginx on freenode. A fair amount of support traffic occurs as well, many of which is simple wiki links and FAQ answers. It was suggested there be an NginX factoid bot for the channel.

A public git repository will be created soon on github or the like with the beginning of the project. It will feature the code for the bot and occasional database dumps as its knowledge base grows to help distribute this information as easily and freely as possible.

Initial Goals

  • Simple interfaces
  • Familiar factoid interface like classic infobot
  • Some wiki integration, possible cross referencing with factoids

Later Possibilities

  • Pastebin integration / watching / linking
  • Search mailing list, link through marc, nabble
  • Search forum

Libraries used

Those that wish to help with bot's development need to familiarize themselves with the following libraries: beautifulsoup, urllib2. By all means this is not an all inclucive list, but this should be a very good start in under to understand what is going on :).