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Module comparison matrix

Looking for Nginx's mod_rewrite or mod_perl? The following table attempts to summarize modules for Nginx that are comparable to modules available for other web servers.

Nginx module Apache module Lighttpd module
HTTP Upstream Module mod_proxy_balancer mod_proxy_core
Access Module mod_access mod_access
Auth Basic Module mod_auth mod_auth
AutoIndex Module mod_autoindex mod_dirlisting
Browser Module mod_setenvif  ?
Charset Module none none
Empty GIF Module none none
FastCGI Module mod_fastcgi , mod_fcgid mod_fastcgi
GEO Module mod_geoip mod_geoip
Gzip Compression Module mod_deflate mod_deflate
Gzip Pre-Compression Module none none
HTTP Headers Module mod_headers mod_setenv
HTTP Referer Module mod_setenvif  ?
Limit Zone Module mod_limitipconn mod_evasive
Log Module mod_log_config mod_accesslog
Map Module  ?  ?
Memcached Module none none
Proxy Module mod_proxy mod_proxy
Rewrite Module mod_rewrite mod_rewrite
SSI Module mod_include mod_ssi
UserID Module mod_usertrack mod_usertrack
Addition Module mod_layout  ?
Embedded Perl Module mod_perl none
FLV Module mod_flvx mod_flv_streaming
Real IP Module mod_rpaf mod_extforward
SSL Module mod_ssl SSL
Stub Status Module mod_status mod_status
Substitution Module mod_line_edit  ?
WebDAV Module mod_dav mod_webdav
UserDir Equivalent mod_userdir mod_userdir

Third-Party Nginx modules

The following Nginx modules are not distributed with the Nginx source.

Nginx module Apache module Lighttpd module
Circle GIF Module none none
Upstream Hash Module none mod_proxy
Notice Module
ngx_zip none none
ngx_rrd_graph none mod_rrdtool
SCGI Module ? mod_scgi
Upload Progress Module  ? mod_uploadprogress
WSGI Module mod_wsgi  ?

Requested Nginx modules

Nginx module Apache module Lighttpd module
none mod_mem_cache mod_mem_cache
none mod_backhand mod_proxy
Secure Download Module mod_auth_token mod_secdownload
none mod_security  ?
none  ? mod_mysql_vhost
none mod_proxy_ajp mod_proxy_core (mod_proxy_backend_ajp13)