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Nginx News

New wiki and forum online

The new wiki (you're looking at it) is finally up. We've also got a fledgling forum, so be sure to head over there and create an account.

Red Dawn

How many domains are served by Nginx? Statistics from the Netcraft Report show that Nginx currently hosts over 6 million domains. That's a nice jump from a little over two years ago when we were at 119,274 domains, most of them Russian. Nginx is currently the second most popular open source webserver (after Apache) and third overall.

We compare with Lighttpd here because it is similar to Nginx in features and popularity.

<lines title="Millions of Domains" ymin=0 ymax=7.0 ylabel=7 xlabel=1 legend grid=xy size=500x230 colors=FF0000,0000FF> Month,Nginx,Lighttpd Jan 2008,0.842206,1.536981 ,0.889958,1.565536 ,0.954122,1.552650 Apr 2008,1.018503,1.495308 ,1.013118,1.523148 ,2.125160,1.532952 Jul 2008,2.273785,2.942469 ,2.440386,2.914867 ,2.562554,3.095928 Oct 2008,2.817148,3.072457 ,3.023369,3.030958 ,3.354329,3.046333 Jan 2009,3.462551,2.989416 ,3.447596,2.984033 ,3.838784,1.819789 Apr 2009,6.100424,1.806657 </lines>

Older news

IRC Logs Back Online

Our old Arkivo bot (hosted by a third party) is apparently dead. A new bot is up on our own server. Unfortunately we've lost our history (as of 2007.11.10).

You can view the IRC logs here .