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== Bugs ==
== Bugs ==
Please report bugs to [http://www.evanmiller.org/ Evan Miller] .
Please report bugs to [http://www.evanmiller.org/ Evan Miller].

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Note: this module is not distributed with the Nginx source. Installation instructions are below .

RRDtool stores and graphs time-series data. mod_rrd_graph provides an HTTP interface to RRDtool's graphing facilities. By linking RRDtool directly into Nginx, ngx_rrd_graph is faster than scripts and CGIs with similar purposes.



syntax: rrd_graph

default: n/a

context: location

ngx_rrd_graph can be enabled at a particular location with the "rrd_graph" directive, like so:

location /rrdtool {

RRDtool graphing commands can then be appended to that location in request URLs. The syntax is just the same as the arguments to the "rrdtool graph" command, omitting the filename. (Refer to rrdgraph(1) .) These commands should be URL-encoded, so that this command-line invocation:

rrdtool graph --start now-300s \
--end now \
DEF:ds0=test.rrd:reading:AVERAGE \



The module supports all the features of your copy of RRDtool. It can output PNG, PDF, SVG, and EPS graphics (see the --imgformat option of rrdgraph(1)).


syntax: rrd_graph_root /path/to/rrds

default: ""

context: location

If you'd prefer not to provide absolute paths to files referenced in DEF commands, you may supply a root directory with the "rrd_graph_root" directive. Files mentioned in DEF commands will be automatically prefixed with the value of rrd_graph_root.


ngx_rrd_graph requires RRDtool 1.3 or later.

After installing RRDtool, download the mod_rrd_graph module here: ( File:Mod rrd graph-0.2.0.tar.gz )

Extract the archive and add the following option to your Nginx ./configure command:


Then "make" and "make install" as usual.


Please report bugs to Evan Miller.