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A request handled by Ngnix goes through a series of phases. Below is the list of this phases, how they can be exited, and which directives and modules apply to each phase.

NOTE: this page is still under construction

phase optional exits modules / directives
server selection* listen, server_name
post read HttpRealIpModule
server rewrite rewrite
location selection location
location rewrite location selection, finalize request rewrite
preaccess degradation, limit_zone, limit req, HttpRealIpModule
access finalize request allow, deny, auth_basic
try files location selection try_files
content autoindex, Core, DAV, EmptyGif, FastCGI, FLV, gzip_static, index, memcached, perl, proxy, random_index, scgi, stub_status, uwsgi
log access_log
post action* post_action