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Looks like there are few things missing from the page. They are missing from official docs in Russian too. I determined it by reading source code.

  • When you specify location which isn't just single level, e. g. /media/video/ - it doesn't work as expected. It is natural to expect that it would be used as prefix, but the code searches for first "/" in URI and expects MD5 hash after it, i.e. it is expected after /media/ part.
  • There are existing but undocumented directives (secure_link_variable, secure_link_md5) and variable ($secure_link_expires).

I think these should be documented, can anyone comment on it?


-- Vladimir Grichina 17:19, 3 December 2010 (MSK)

I add my comments after reading the source code. You can have a look. If anyone is still unclear, can email me: yaoweibin AT gmail DOT com

Weibin Yao 2010-12-10