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Hi Fleshgrinder,

Thanks for all the work you've been doing! It's much appreciated. I wanted to bring an issue to your attention. The new SVG you uploaded appears to have some issues. It appears corrupted at smaller scales (full scale is fine). I tested in both Chrome and Firefox on Linux. The version on the German wiki does not have this issue. As an aside, I did not test, but please make sure the image remains editable with open source tools (e.g. Inkscape, Sodipodi).

In any case, I reverted back to the old version until you have a chance to resolve the issue.

Regards, Cliff

Hi Cliff!
That's weird, because the version on the German Wikipedia is exactly the same as the one I uploaded here (I mean, I created it out of your source SVG). But there are several issues with your original SVG. I can't open it in Adobe Illustrator CS4; I assume the gausian blur filters are the problem. Also I couldn't open and save it without errors in Inkscape 0.47, I downloaded one of the nightly snapshots of Inkscape to solve that problem. I'm going to clean the code directly but that's something that I can only do when I have enough time, maybe at the weekend.
Sure the graphic should remain editable, but the problem with Inkscape and Sodipodi is that they aren't able to create valid SVG graphics; in contrast Adobe Illustrator CS4 can. Normally Inkscape has no problem with a perfect valid SVG, I can't tell how this is with Sodipodi; you could try one of my valid SVGs (e.g. my foobar2000 icon, also have a look at the source and you'll notice the difference) and tell me.
Sincerely, Richard
PS: WebKit and the Mozilla engine are both bad at displaying SVGs, Opera is the only browser I know that implements the standard correctly (and the only one that is able to display SVGZ images). But for sure it should look good in all browsers so I'm going to test this next time too.
PPS: The problem isn't the SVG per sé, it's the librsvg which has a problem with the SVG. I think that Wikimedia is using a newer version (or maybe an older version) and that's why it is rendering correctly there.

Ah, that makes sense. I'll see if I can get librsvg updated on that system. - Cliff